Sicker than ever

Fitness is a common word now. Gyms and wellness centers are almost everywhere in the modern cities. You can find them in most of the hotel’s chains all around the world. Everybody exercise in a way or another. But why do we have the most epidemic diffusion of back pain in the history of humanity?

In our history we’ve never done so much physical activity and we’re sicker than ever. Why?

Scientific research and decades of practical experience can’t help. It’s something like nutrition and diets. America is the diet empire, but they still have the most amount of obesity in the planet.

Why are we so unable to get a way to stay fit while studying so much about it?

May it be that we’re studying so much in the wrong direction?

I don’t think so. I think that we have the most wide and deep knowledge about the movement and fitness than ever, but at the same time we don’t use it properly.

If you enter a typical gym you’ll find something closer to the Matrix vessels’ field than to a group of people really interested in their health. Hundreds of people with their headphones and their clocks, longing to end up their workout as soon as possible. Longing to look good in the mirror, but without any sensibility about their inner feeling. If they closed their eyes, they would probably feel nothing. And that’s the point. Why are we training so much? What does the word fitness mean to them?

Some train for aesthetic, and that’s not so wrong. Some train because their physician told them to do so. And that’s not so wrong too. But it could be wrong if we enter the gym unpluging our brain from our body.

The physicians-sent people usually train as little as they can. They enter the gym as they had to sign in at the office, wishing to sign out soon and effort-free.

The aesthetic people train to get some change as quick as they can. But as long as it’s never so easy to get results, they need to know they’re doing well and the only way is to feel something strong in your body. And the strongest thing you can feel is pain. No pain no gain. They’re like some old middle-ages saint, longing for pain to please the Almighty Lord of Fitness. Wishing that this mortification of the flesh will help. Usually their pain bring them to the physician and then they join the first category.

It doesn’t work. Both of them don’t mind at all about what they’re doing, how they’re doing it. And that’s the real problem. You could have all the knowledge in the world but if you use it for stupid things it doesn’t work. You can use a remote control as a nutcracker, but it’s stupid.

So, if you decide to enter a gym, choose the right mind attitude. After all your body mirrors your mind. If you train in a vague way, you’ll get a vague body. Awareness is something you can’t leave behind when you choose to train.

You don’t need a Pilates class, or a Yoga teacher to turn on your mind when you train. You should do it everytime you take care of yourself, and you are your body. It’s not just a tool someone gave you some years ago.

But we’ll discuss about it further on.

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