Before anyone else

“Where is the ruler?” First thing I think is that it is really early in the morning. Six o’clock in a London basement near Oxford street, just behind Hyde park. And Mr. Alan Herdman is alone at his desk, looking for a ruler, fixing some dates for the upcoming day. “I like to be here Read More


What is pilates?

When I used to study Law there was a lot to learn, codes, rules, regulations, but there was one question that no one never asked, and no one wanted it to be asked. What is Law? It’s hard to believe but not a single jurist, lawyer or judge could easily answer to such a question. Read More

Sicker than ever

Fitness is a common word now. Gyms and wellness centers are almost everywhere in the modern cities. You can find them in most of the hotel’s chains all around the world. Everybody exercise in a way or another. But why do we have the most epidemic diffusion of back pain in the history of humanity? Read More