No child dreams of being a Pilates Teacher, neither did I. It just happens, along the way, when life takes a different turn and you have to give up with all your plans. That’s the strength of this method. Every Pilates Teacher was something different before being a Pilates Teacher. He had to learn to adapt, accept and rearrange his life. Pilates is about going beyond your own dreams, being strong enough to recreate yourself when everything seems lost. And so did I.
I’ve studied Law and Psychology, played guitar, read a lot of books but I never would have believed I would have become a Pilates Teacher within a Dance School. Life brought me here and I’m grateful for it. I help people, I laugh with people, I travel the world to teach people to do the same.

I started my training with Polestar® Pilates in Milan and Padua and with Serafino Ambrosio in Rome. Then I improved my skills in London with Alan Herdman and in Los Angeles with Marie-José Blom. While in Los Angeles Marie-José asked me to join the Smartspine® Academy as the first non-american member of it, which I did. And I’m still proudly part of it.
For a few years I’ve worked as a Mentor for Polestar®, then Nora St. John invited me to become a Balanced Body@ Master Instructor, which I am now. I lead Balanced Body@ training courses in Italy and wherever I’m needed around the world.
Blackroll® is another company I serve for as a Master Trainer. I’m especially focused on the Blackroll® applications for Ballet and Dance training.
I’m also a Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® authorized teacher. I met Silvia Frosali, my Master Trainer, in Germany during a Fascia Research Congress and she really got me into the system. So I studied with her in Florence and then I went to Munstertal for final certification exams.

When I’m not traveling around for workshops or training courses I’m warmly hosted by Arteffetto Danza. An amazing Ballet and Dance School downtown my hometown Trieste, run by my witty and skillful friend Corrado Canulli.


PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
Smartspine™ Ambassador, Distributor and Education Provider
Balanced Body® Master Instructor
Blackroll® Master Trainer
Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® Trainer